WDWNT March Madness 2019

This year we picked 64 Walt Disney World counter-service restaurants to battle it out for the honor of being named the best counter-service at the Vacation Kingdom of the World! The full brackets were revealed on ParksCenter on March 6th, and can be downloaded as a PDF.

Registration for this game is now closed. You can still play along and try to influence the panelists in the chat at WDWNTunes.com. Registered participants have been sent their picks. If you haven’t received yours, please first check that you are subscribed to our email newsletter. The system won’t send you emails if you are unsubscribed. Go to http://wdwntfresh2.wpengine.com/newsletter/ and fill out the form to resubscribe. If you are already subscribed, and still didn’t get your picks, email jason@wdwnt.com.

Join us for some heated debates, as you root for your picks (or favorite restaurant) to make it all the way and collect some great prizes from WDWNT in the process. If you pre-registered for the game, YOU can affect the results with your vote! Here’s how it all works:

The four restaurants you have been assigned will accumulate points for each victory they gain in the tournament. The point distribution is as follows:

1st Round Win – 1 Point
2nd Round Win – 1 Point
“Swell Sixteen” Round Win – 2 Points
“E-Ticket Eight” Round Win – 2 Points
“Fantasmic Four” Round Win – 3 Points
Championship Round Win – 3 Points

The winner of each match is decided by the illustrious panel of the WDWNT staff. Each panelist counts for three votes. However, each registered contestant has one opportunity to call in and change the outcome of any single matchup. This call-in vote counts as two votes added to the panelist vote totals. The call in number is 832-7-WDWNT-7. Your call MUST come in within five minutes of the conclusion of the round or it will not be counted.

When you call in, please tell us the team (restaurant) for which you are voting, and your special vote validation code. This vote validation code ensures that no one else can cast a vote in your place.

Remember you can only call in once over the course of the whole tournament (this week and next week). The Vote Validation Code can only be used a single time. If you call in and place a vote with your Vote Validation Code, you cannot call in again later in the tournament.

The Walt Disney World Counter-Service Restaurant that receives the majority of the votes will win that round and advance to the next round.

All game outcomes will be determined at the sole discretion of the WDWNT staff. Any errors made during the voting may be corrected after the broadcast ends, and the final tallies will be reflected on the WDWNT March Madness 2019 bracket below.