A Brief History Of Time Travel And Progress

A Brief History Of Time Travel And Progress

by Kerris L. F. Pro

One fine time ago, the company of Plus Ultra and their nine founders issued a decree that to look towards the future, we must first examine the past. Less than seven months ago the world certainly was changing, and that change was a major one.

Now more than ever the people of the world needed to stick together to stay safe, to stay healthy, and more importantly, to ensure a great big beautiful tomorrow. As we look back at the ideals, the ingenious ideas, and the progressive attitude of Walt Disney, we see the plans for the future he had in the Magic Kingdom, especially in Tomorrowland. On the map below, you can see a small layout of Tomorrowland as it stands today.

You can trace this vision of the future by starting at Disney’s Contemporary with it’s sleek, modern design, and it’s commanding use of the kinetic monorail going through it.

Moving from there to inside of Tomorrowland itself, the unique theater in the round design of Stitch’s Great Escape, formerly the home to Alien Encounter.

Starting a new at Space Mountain, this amazing structure and it’s simplistic way of putting the beams on the outside gives it an iconic look.

And if we move from Space Mountain to slightly outside the park, remember the monorails? Well there’s a stop just outside of Magic Kingdom, an innovative form of transportation.

These four locations really mark the spot where progress could be found and made, and a simple use of time travel is what inspired Plus Ultra to find their great big beautiful tomorrow.

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