Rumor Note

Editor’s Note: This post is clearly labeled as a rumor. While WDWNT strives to bring you timely and accurate news reporting from the Disney parks around the globe, we also publish rumors we receive from sources both inside and outside The Walt Disney Company. As with any major corporation, projects and decisions change during the development period. Thus, we do not guarantee that anything posted as a rumor will actually happen. Part of the reason for posting such rumors is to show The Walt Disney Company that Disney fans disagree with some of their decisions, in the hope that they will change their mind before too much money has been put into a project. Therefore, we welcome your comments on whether you agree or disagree with these potential changes. However, if you choose to not believe these rumors, that’s certainly your prerogative. We trust our sources, as they have been correct many times in the past. Unfortunately we cannot prove these rumors, as that would reveal the identity of our confidential sources.